Yeah it’s been a while.

I have since hurt my leg, so I’m now on crutches. And if I didn’t think my depression could get worse, it did. I hate not being able to walk or run. I miss running, and it seems to have trigger my eating disorder. I’d finally gained some control over it. I wouldn’t over exercise and I’d eat the right foods and got better at resisting my urge to be sick. But now I seem to be going back to my old ways. *sigh* 

I’m also so easily angered at the moment. Just someone breathing next to me will annoy me. And the more days that go by where I can’t walk without my crutches. The worse my anger gets. I’d really suggest that my friends stay away until im less full of anger. 

I really want a new leg

If I was a horse I recon I’d of been shot and put out of my misery. My leg constantly hurts, even when I’m resting it. But after 4 days it’s a lot less painful now. Thankfully. Otherwise I’d still be crying and swimming in a sea of my own self pity. 


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