Okay I’m still alive, I didn’t cut deep enough. I now however have to cover up my arm and hope the bleeding doesn’t keep seeping through my home made bandage. 

Part of me is glad it didn’t work, because I get to see my little brother today, whom I love him so much. And then the other part of me isn’t glad I’m still here. Part of me thinks I’m that pathetic I can’t even kill myself. 

How do I fail so much at life. 


3 thoughts on “Well…

  1. You didn’t fail at life, that’s why you’re alive right now. I have done such things in the past and I know how you feel to think you’ve failed, but maybe what you’ve done is seen at least once reason to be alive, your little brother. I’m glad you are still here, one day the scar will fade and you’ll find the happiness within yourself. If you ever need somebody to talk to, get In Touch with me on my contact page. There are people out there who care. 🙂

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