I need help. 

Last time I tried to kill myself, I got asked: ‘why didn’t you reach out? Ask for help?’ But I did, I ask in my own way. I ask people to meet up, or to come keep me company. Everyone says no. I’m not going to say ‘if we don’t meet I’m going to kill myself’ I don’t want to force you to see me, what’s the point of fake love.

I ask for a friend, but no one says yes. So tell me, is that the sign of someone who cares? So don’t give me the bullshit, the ohhh darling you should’ve come to me or oh I’m always here for you. 

Because you’re not. You are not here when I need you. Or someone. Even a strangers love would be nice. 

Who do I have? Because it isn’t any of my ‘friends’ 


One thought on “I’m asking

  1. You have God. He is always with you, He created you and watches you hoping for you to realize your worth. He created you for a good reason. He hears your every thought. Even puts His own voice in your head, encouraging or uplifting. He would not say hurtful things. He loves you very much, and whether you know it or not He is living with you and trying to send you all sorts of messages, He is guiding you to happiness. Have faith, God bless you.

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