Don’t pretend to care about me, it’s clear you don’t. 

And then when you do fool me. You can never understand the hurt that does to me. I don’t need you to add to the pain and depression. I can do that all by myself 

I’m tired or being made a fool out of. 

I’ve been told one too many lies today. 

So here’s me giving out a bowl full of truth. I am in a very dark place right now. Last time I was this low, I ended up in hospital, on the mental ward. Even if I had the strength to ask for help, I wouldn’t want it. I’m tired of getting to a happy place only to come tumbling down to a place where no one wants to be. 
A dark cloud of depression.


One thought on “An even lower mood

  1. hang on, when you think “depression” does it help you in any way? no it doesn’t so pull yourself together and start thinking positive. You don’t need people to make yourself happy


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