So eventually I told my sister Victoria the long list of what he was doing to me. It got to the point that I was just a toy to be used. If he wanted sex but I didn’t, he’d get shitty with me. So I found it easier to just let him use me, so I’d just lay there and wait for him to finish fucking me. Sometimes he’d even like to choke me. 

In the end the police got involved and I’m no longer with him. 

But it didn’t end when we broke up. He started telling people all about my mental health issues. Even about my suicide attempt last June. How I should’ve been greatfull that he stuck around, especially with me being so crazy.  

These screen shots are just 2 of the indirect tweets he did. 

Telling me to go kill myself when I’m already suicidel is not what I needed. Nor to be called a whore. 


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