I left David because he’s not what everyone thought he was. 

He was kind at first, and would say all the right things. Even my family didn’t mind him. But slowly I began to realise that he wasn’t a nice person. 

It started off as small things, like persuading me to come over. Then once I came over I wasn’t to talk but to sit on his bed looking pretty. A bit like a doll. 

If I did anything to annoy him he’d get angry and just shout. Then it escalated to him throwing soft things at me. One day I asked him “why’d you throw the pillow at me?” He said “you annoyed me and it’s soft so it won’t hurt you.” I thought ‘fair enough.’ 

Then skip a few months ahed and it was my 21st birthday. He made me go to this tapas place and then a bar of his choice, when I asked him if we could go somewhere else he got angry and started ranting about how I should try new things. So I gave in and we went to the place he wanted to go to. I hated it. So to cheer myself up I drank a whole bottle of wine, I’m a light weight so it got me a little bit drunk. Then off to the bar we went.., it was fucking empty. So we had one drink and then he said we should go home. But I didn’t want to as it was only 10pm. So on the walk home he said I was ‘an embarrassment’ and that I’d ruined the night. 

I know it doesn’t seem big but it upset me a lot. Then he stared making me stay at his house even when he wasn’t there. I was to be there waiting for him to come home. Some nights he’d go out with his mates for drinks. Then one night I decided to go home instead of waiting and he got angry at me. And would send nasty texts and write indirect mean tweets about me. 
Eventually one night he snapped. Throwing objects didn’t do justice. And he grabbed my hand to pull me closer, so that I was right in is face. He then grabbed a fist full of my hair and went to hit me. Luckily his mum had come home and heard shouting, she came running upstairs and he instantly let go. 

He said it was my fault he hurt me, I shouldn’t make him angry. I pushed him that far so it was my fault. He also said I deserved it. 


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