A few doors down from where I was living at the time was a girl named Kelly. 

She came over to mine one day, which was odd because she never seemed like she enjoyed playing with me. I assumed it was because she was older than me. I was 8 and she was a few years older than me. So I liked Barbie’s and she liked make up. 

So some how we ended up in my bedroom, my mother busy down stairs in and out of the garden. No sisters, just me and her. 

She told me about this game we could play on my bed, I didn’t know how to play this game so she sat me down on my bed. She told me to lay down, so I did. Then she got on top of me… I feel like it’s obvious what she did to me (well I’m hoping so because I don’t want to write down a description of what she done) I didn’t say no or complain, because I thought it was a game. I didn’t understand the game but she was enjoying it, and I felt cool, Cool that an older kid would want to hang out with me. 

I didn’t realise that she had taken advantage of me sexually till years later. By that point I’d moved house and was already in secondary school, and she was… well she was just a memory by that point. I hate thinking about that day. And I’ve not told a single person it. This is the first time mentioning it. 


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